Fusion Consulting Group offers a broad range of Business Intelligence services:

Create is the development of fresh and actionable insights that can drive new top- and bottom-line growth which will build real competitive advantage.

There are a number of ways to go about creating fresh insights, from finding new and innovative ways to combine existing information to launching custom, proprietary research.

The challenge is to find the best approach for each particular client’s situation and then execute it effectively and efficiently.

Our Insights Creation Services

FOCUS GROUPS – Online and Traditional

Focus groups enable you to develop fresh, directional learning that is timely and cost-effective. From planning to execution to evaluation, we manage the entire process in a cost-effective manner that is responsive to your scheduling constraints.

We begin every assignment with a comprehensive analysis of a client’s needs to ensure that the discussion remains “on point” and that the findings are revealing and relevant. Every assignment will conclude with a comprehensive Key Learning report that is polished, audience-friendly and actionable.

Fusion can help you to get the most out of Focus Groups, whether as a stand-alone initiative, or as the foundation for more in-depth research.

The Situation
A retirement community wanted to improve its sales closure rate.  To that end, it wanted to better understand the decision path of prospective residents.
What We Did
Fusion designed a discussion guide that facilitated fully exploring all dimensions of the decision path.  We included groups of both current and potential residents and developed a visual, audience-friendly format for delivering key learning.
What Was Gained
The client gained a clear mapping of the decision path, detailed insight into the “what and why” of each step, and recommended next steps (tied to the key learning) to guide changes to sales and marketing strategies.


Buzz research is tapping into the ‘raw feed’ of what consumers and shoppers think about life, in general, and products/services, in particular – this type of business insight can be invaluable.

What is really exciting and unique about this innovative new technique is that it is the only research method where insights are consumer generated. With so many people offering opinions online in so many ways, the challenge is to make sure all the information that is collected isn’t drowned out.

Moreover, this information is qualitative – not quantitative – which makes it even harder to organize, analyze and evaluate. However, if you can successfully address these challenges, you have an opportunity to gain a real competitive advantage.

Fusion has the resources (from business requirement frameworks to verbatim text analysis tools to customized database development) to help you to turn “buzz” into business.


Web-based surveys are an effective and efficient way to develop fresh and detailed insights that have a high degree of statistical significance.

From testing new product concepts with target consumers to exploring brand repositioning options for mature brands, we can manage the entire process from questionnaire design to survey hosting to results analysis.

We begin every assignment with a comprehensive analysis of a client’s needs to ensure that the survey remains “on point” and that findings are revealing and relevant. Every assignment concludes with a comprehensive Key Learning report that is polished, audience-friendly and actionable.

Fusion can help to get the most out of a Web-based Survey, whether as a stand-alone effort, or as the foundation for strategic business initiative.


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Integrated data analysis is fusing together different data sets to create insights that would not be possible from just one of them. From combining behavioral and attitudinal data to merging scanner and HH panel data, we can help you get the most out of your in-hand information.

We begin every assignment with a comprehensive analysis of a client’s needs, as well as a complete inventory of current, in-hand data resources. We then design a data framework that will support addressing each of the identified needs, as well as the methodologies required to create the actual data-base. Every assignment will conclude with a comprehensive Key Learning report, based on our analysis of the database, that is polished, audience-friendly and actionable.

Fusion can help you to get more out of your current data resources than you ever thought possible.

The Situation
A leading Beverage company wanted to better understand the drivers of successful new Soft Drink product introductions in order to improve the odds for future launches.
What We Did
We developed a one-of-a-kind analytical database that integrated syndicated scanner, HH panel, proprietary store audits and launch design details. As part of this development, new time periods (e.g., weeks from launch) and new metrics (e.g., cumulative sales and displays) were created to enable necessary analytics.
What Was Gained
The Key Learning study delivered to the client provided a detailed set of Good → Better → Best guidelines for new product launch planning and execution.


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Apply is the fusing of actionable insights into practical and effective growth drivers anywhere along the product lifecycle where they are needed.

From identifying the best product concepts to launch, to finding the optimal repositioning for them, there is no reason to leave the health of a business to chance.

The challenge is to find the right growth driver at the right time for a client and then determine how best to take it to market.

Our Insights Application Services


Concept testing & ideation is the critical first step in a product’s lifecycle. Successfully launching a new product is challenging even in the best of times. We know how to develop the actionable insights that can lead to better launch strategies, tactics and execution.

We begin every assignment by thoroughly investigating the market of our client’s new product to fully understanding the competitive landscape. Then we design, execute and analyze a comprehensive consumer survey to measure the new product concept’s consumer appeal as well as how to optimize all aspects of it from packaging to pricing to promotion.

Fusion can help you raise the odds of success on your next New Product Introduction.

The Situation
A leading consumer packaged goods company wanted to test the appeal of a new product concept: a shelf-stable and non-dairy liquid Coffee Creamer, as well as the best way to launch it.
What We Did
Fusion designed and executed a comprehensive on-line survey of current Coffee Creamer consumers that explored the potential appeal of the product and then developed a detailed Key Learning document to help guide the client’s go/no-go decision.
What Was Gained
The client received a very clear read on the potential appeal of the new concept, as well as guidance on optimizing its entry into the market – from packaging to placement to pricing to promotion.


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Communicate is weaving the right mix of information and insights into a compelling business narrative that tells the right story to the right audience.

The most effectives business narratives are those that follow the arc of:
Sense of Urgency → Sense of Opportunity → Sense of Direction

One challenge is to be able to map out an arc such as this for a particular business situation, then incorporate the necessary facts.

Another communication challenge is to deliver a business narrative in a visually seamless and polished manner to make it as audience-friendly and persuasive as possible.


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