What Fusion Means

fu-sion [fyōō’zhən] –noun
The merging of different elements
into a union.

  1. A nuclear reaction in which nuclei combine to form more massive nuclei with the simultaneous release of energy.
  2. Expertise plus experience.
These two terms are often interchangeable, but they can also be very different. For example, parents shop for Baby Food that their infant children consume.

The key is to think of Shoppers and Consumers as separate and distinct drivers of a single product purchase decision path.

In turn, the challenge is to fully understand how to navigate this path as effectively and efficiently as possible in order to achieve real competitive advantage.

Retailers and Vendors often find themselves in uneasy alliances where it seems that the success of one can only come at the expense of the other. For example, if a Retailer is determined to build its Private Label business at all costs, Vendor brands can suffer from diminished merchandising support.

The key is for both to keep in mind that they do share a common objective: sell more volume, more profitably, to more shoppers.

In turn, the challenge is finding the big “wins” that can be achieved by working together, as opposed to crossing swords.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that Sales and Marketing play for the same team. Marketing is focused on ‘building the brand’ while Sales is focused on ‘closing the deal.’

The key is for both to keep in mind that they are complementary and need the other for success. For example, Marketing can provide the insights that Sales can make actionable at the point of sale.

In turn, the challenge is to find a language both can understand, goals both can value, and business results both can share.

‘Science’ is the ability to develop analytical frame-works and methodologies that unlock systematic growth drivers.

‘Art’ is the ability to understand the context of a specific business situation in order to apply the analytics so the right story is in front of the right audience at the right time.

Separately, ‘Art’ and ‘Science’ are very important, but when used together can unlock the secrets to sustainable competitive advantage.

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